That’s the third time I am starting my personal blog. As far as that you may have already noticed one change – I will be writing in English, for one simple reason – more potential readers. I will be focused in astrophotography and here in Slovenia is just a couple of astrophotographers. I would like to spread my pictures and other stuff all over the world :).

As I have mentioned, this will not be just blog anymore. I had a lot of stuff to do last month, so this page is not finished up as I planned. My own, custom made gallery will be available soon (you can already see it in menu) and some other stuff as well. The old blog has already been moved to the new location: (it needs some modifications to work properly). Please, change your RSS feeds and bookmarks to this new URL:

A lot of things have changed since I have posted the last entry on the previous blog. I have participated in MART again, I have been sailing/training for two days, I have spent some nights outside, capturing the deep-sky objects, working on some great new projects, found a new job as PHP programmer, found a flat in Ljubljana, where I am starting studying Physics next month …

The presentation of this blog is not mine, I have started outsourcing a design, because I have realized that I must focus on one thing (code) to do it better. The author is Jaka Šmid, I have just sliced it and made a template for WP. I hope you enjoy the new fresh look (leave a comment if so) 😉

If you like it and would like to have your very own design of the webpage/blog contact me and we will arrange.

And because this is an astrophotography blog, I am already attaching the recent picture of M57. Don’t worry, more and better are coming 😉

M 57