I will post some deep-sky astrophotos from archive, because I haven’t shown them yet on previous blog or on my astrophotography gallery. Milky Way from MART 2009 is today on the list 🙂

I participate in MART (Mladinski astronomski raziskovalni tabor or Youth Astronomy Research Camp – translated) every year since 2005. I admit that I am lazy and I never choose any difficult project. DSO imaging works OK for me. Last year I was a mentor for Astrophotography group, but this year I was planning to take small APO telescope from our Astronomy Association, but ended without the scope and telephoto lens Canon 70-200 (wich is still broken). So I have decided to continue mosaic of Milky Way from MART 2007. While capturing I have been using IDAS LPS P-2 light pollution filter, so after processing I have realized that the structures in the Milky Way from 2007 and this year differ too much, as the consequence of using the filter. So I have ended up with mosaic just from this year – 4 frames, from Aquila to Sagittarius.

Each frame consist of 12 exposures of 5 min, taken with modified Canon 350D with IDAS LPS P-2 filter and Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 lens at F/6.3. Image was processed in Iris and Photoshop.

Milky Way from Aquila to Sagittarius